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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rukiya's World: Fashion Tribute - Ms. Ross in Mahogany

One of my all time favorite movies is Mahogany. If you have yet to see this film you need to immediately buy it on (or just watch it on YouTube)! Not only is this a classic love story with a fantastic plot but Diana Ross sports a fabulous sense of fashion throughout the movie (all of the costumes were designed by the star herself). It's no wonder she was the world's biggest diva back in her heyday!

Ms. Ross graced us with hot wearable street fashion.

Showed us you can be hard at work and look chic, too!

Have a fabulously decorated apartment [even though you're broke].

Be in love with a suave, fashion-forward, handsome boyfriend (check out the turtleneck and blazer combo).

Have a creepy photographer who is enamored by your glamorous look obsessing over you.

Billboards plastered with your face.

Attend awesome parties and runway shows.


What is success....

without someone to share it with?


Divamom-Act II said...

Diana was quite the fashionista in this movie. I loved Mahogany-still do!

WendyB said...

I need to see this one again!