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Monday, March 30, 2009

Capitol Fashionista Outing: Artini

My girlfriend and I attended the lovely Artini event on Saturday at the Corcoran Musuem sponsored by their 1869 Society. What a fantastic event. The mix of art and martinis, what could be better? Of course, I was decked out in my amazing Vera Wang dress. Too bad you can't see my fab shoes in this pic but you can tell that I was having a great time. The winning martini was "Tortoise and the Bare" by Erik Holzherr from Wisdom. But in my humble opinion (and my girlfriend's), it was not even close to being the best of the night. Sorry Erik. The best martini that crossed my lips was "Krake" by Chris Kelley from Mie N Yu. That martini was so good that we both had two! It was perfect. So I would totally recommend a trip to Mie N Yu. The most interesting martini of the night was called "A Rough Start to a Better Future" by Owen Thomson from Bourbon. First of all, it was served in a capri sun container (10 for originality) and it could take the paint off of the side of a barn. It was strong. Good, but strong. You could only have one.

Now on to the fashion. Seriously, is anyone reading this blog for fashion tips!?! Obviously not. There was plenty of bad fashion to be found. A lot of designer dresses with ugly cheap shoes. A lot of cheap dresses and even cheaper shoes. Ladies, get it right. There were a few glimmers of hope for DC fashion. There were about five women (other than me and my girlfriend... the truth is just the who totally got it right. Drop dead gorgeous dresses with the perfect shoes. I made sure that I walked up to these fashion mavens and gave them a CF compliment. My favorite of the night was the woman I met in the ladies' room with her perfect Prada dress and her amazing vintage-styled red shoes. She was my pick of the night. I wanted to take her picture but I was rushing to get going because it was close to midnight.

All in all, it was an amazing event. The Corcoran raised a ton of money for their school and that really made me happy. Well done. Here are a few pics from the night.


Dream Sequins said...

"Artini"-- what an interesting concept... Love the Vera Wang- the collar is so interesting on it! BTW- lovin the blog. Way to bring style to our nation's capitol!

the capitol fashionista said...

Thanks, I am so trying to do that! I love that dress. Vera Wang is always on point.

shoediva said...

Yes, you were wearing the Vera Wang girl! You were on point, too bad quite a few missed the"point". We had a blast! Let's make plans to visit Mie N Yu soon.

the capitol fashionista said...

Thanks, Shoe Diva! We definitely should get together and Mie N Yu is the perfect place.