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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fashion Rant: Fashion Pricing Inequality

In chatting with Dream Sequins on Twitter yesterday, she brought to my attention that there was a ridiculous discrepancy in pricing between women's and men's clothing. She sent a tweet about buying a boyfriend cardigan in the men's section. I had never even thought about doing that. So I hit her back to say thank you and she informed me that it was terrible how our clothes are heavily marked up. So it got me mad at first. Then I started thinking about why that was the case. Are men not as fashionable as we are? Do we care more about what we wear than men? I absolutely will not date a man who can not put some kind of outfit together. I know it may be shallow, but it is just true. I can overlook a lot of things, but I like a stylish man. Even if it is just jeans and timberland boots. Get it together. There just isn't any reason for it.

So, I sat in my window thinking about it most of the evening and I could not come up with an answer that satisfied me. I just know that it makes me mad to even think about it. Any thoughts, ladies?


kerri j. said...

I think it really boils down to the fact that women will pay more to look good. Most men are about practicality. It's a good idea to shop for some things in the men's department. I buy Hanes tanks, v-necks and boxers (to sleep in) in the men's department. Also, Levi's. Can't beat $30 for jeans. Of course, I've paid a lot more for True Religion, but I always seem to feel the best, most comfortable in my 501's.

Dream Sequins said...

Hm... I was intrigued about where you were going to take this! I would argue that men definitely DO care about what they wear, and maybe in some cases, more than women do! It's just that women happen to shop more than men do and there are definitely more boutiques that cater exclusively to an all women's clientele. BTW- it was totally fate that I found a sweater in the men's section that worked for me! I was actually shopping for my husband that day, and picked up something meant for him, when I realized that it would be too small for him. Looking at the pricetag, I thought, wow-- why am I paying double this for a "boyfriend" sweater, when I can buy this and wear it myself??

the capitol fashionista said...
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the capitol fashionista said...

If men do care as much as we do, why do we not see the pricing similar to our pricing. How many fashion magazines are there for men? How many fashion magazines are for women? Just playing devil's advocate.

I agree that we will definitely pay more to look good but why are we willing to do that?