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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashion Rant: What To Wear To Work

Okay. I work on Capitol Hill and everyone knows how bloody conservative the dress is on CapHill. But in the last five years, the dress code has taken a big dive... let's just say that the women are the BIGGEST OFFENDERS... The dress has gone straight down into the toilet of fashion disasters. I mean seriously, when was it ever okay to wear a dress that was straight up your thighs to work???? Not NEVER (in the words of Katt Williams)!!!! I also must say that I am a person that wears high-heels but when did clear heels become business attire? You heard me... clear heels on Capitol Hill. I am not making this up. I wish that I had pictures. Can someone please force folks to take a "How To Dress in the Business World" class before they graduate from high school? I am seen the gambit from dresses/skirts too short to too much cleavage to just wrong, wrong, wrong... Some days, I stop in the hallway and just say "wow." Some days, it is all that I can say. There needs to be an intervention or I will have to start lying about where I really work...LOL! Rant over.