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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LOCAL FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Robin Fisher of Polished Image & Style Consultants

Sometimes, we all could use a little help figuring out what looks best on us. You know that moment that you are in the store, surrounded by racks and racks of clothes and you think to yourself, "where should i even start?" Not to mention trying to figure out what colors look best on you and what exactly is currently in style. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Well, you are not alone. Robin Fisher, Owner and Head Image Consultant at Polished, The Image and Style Consultants, totally understands how you feel. Robin let me shadow her on a consult with model/actor, Chelsey Christensen. Chelsey is trying to re-work her wardrobe to fit her busy work/social life which includes modeling, acting, and attending social events.

The consult begins with signing of the contract. You have to get the legal stuff out of the way first, right? Then it moves on to the important stuff: reviewing your questionnaire. Each client completes a questionnaire which will help Robin identify your style personality. You have to be completely honest with yourself when filling this out so that you can fully understand who you really are and what you want to say to world about yourself.

Once your style personality is identified, the hard work truly begins. Robin will then determine your body type and your personal hues (based on your complexion, eye color, among other things). Identifying your body type will help a woman better understand what items work best on her (should you wear capri pants? should you try that skinny jeans trend?). She will also identify your personal color based on a formula of several things including your skin tone and your eye color. Identifying your personal color will help you hone in on the colors that make you stand out versus the colors that look drab and keep your true self from shining.

No consultation is a true consultation without a good hard look into your mirror. In the mirror, Robin points out to her that a simple thing like how long her tees should be and the best style of jeans to show off her model figure, help Chelsey to quickly see the difference a few tweaks can make. She will also go through your closet to identify the items that work perfectly for you as well as weeding out the items that truly need to be tossed.

Robin offers a wide range of services including Personal Style Consultations, a Wardrobe and Closet Sweep, Personal Shopping Services, Bridal Styling and Red Carpet and Special Occasion Styling.

So if your style (and your self-esteem) need a little boost, Robin is the one to call. Robin has been in the fashion industry for 15 years. Her experience has spanned from a buyer for a major retail department store to an international production manager for a private designer label. More importantly, she loves what she does. Robin is most happy when her clients leave a consult feeling confident and beautiful - ready to take on the world. For more information or to book an appointment with Robin Fisher, visit her web site.


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