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Monday, April 6, 2009

Capitol Fashionista Outing: Robin Thicke/Jennifer Hudson Show

My girl, V

The CF

Okay. So the CF headed out last night with my girl, V to take in the Robin Thicke and Jennifer Hudson show at Constitution Hall. As usual, we were looking fab and of course, I had on fab shoes! To the credit of my DC sisters, there were very few fashion disasters to report. But there were two outrageous outfits of the night. One chick took booty shorts to a new level! It was warm but not that warm and it wasn't that type of party. She was ready for the pole. The other one was head-to-toe in turquoise looking a hot mess. Ladies, please invest in a full length mirror. It will save you from walking out the door looking crazy.

On to the concert. First of all, I was beyond annoyed that Robin Thicke came on first because he was the only reason why I got dressed. Did the CF score front row seats? Yes, I did. So you know that we were in heaven. We had an up close and way personal view. What a view. Wow! He is beyond sexy. He had on a pair of black jeans that kept sliding down. You know I had camera ready for that Kodak moment, right? LOL! He was worth every penny. The band was amazing, too. He and Jennifer Hudson shared the same band. It was brilliant because it totally made the setup go much more quickly than normal. He sang everything but my favorite song :-( which is "2 the Sky." I love that song. But still was a 10 out of 10 for me.

After a brief intermission, Jennifer Hudson came out. Trust that she will be somebody's momma in about six months 'cause girlfriend has got to be preggars. She did the mommy belly rub. If you haven't had kids, then you may not know what that is. But for my mommies out there, you know what it is. It's that rub you do over your belly for no reason but to remind yourself that you have someone amazing growing in there. So I am sold. She just needs to fess up. I have to admit that I was not really there to see her. She definitely has an amazing voice but I need you to have a few albums under your belt before I will spend my hard earned pennies. She was looking fab - definitely CF-approved. She had on a black shimmery tiered shift dress with black leather leggings and a pair of gorgeous wedge heels that tied up the front. She looked good. She put on a good show but she got a standing ovation when she performed "I Am Changing" and "I Am Telling You." I had to get up and give her props for those two songs. She blew the roof off of DAR.

All in all, it was a good concert and as always, I had a blast with my girl, V. Thanks, V. Sorry the pics are not better. My blackberry camera sucks. We couldn't bring in real cameras or so that is what it said on the ticket. Plenty of folks had cameras because they didn't even check. So I promise to have better pics of my next outing.


Dream Sequins said...

Robin Thicke is tres sexy :) Looks like an amazing concert! Jennifer Hudson is engaged, isn't she? Sounds about right...

Anonymous said...

If you are not telling the truth!!! I saw that booty shorts as well and was like "oh my, is it that crucial!!" Anyway, Robin did do one hell of a job. I loved the new set and the addition of Jennifer's background singers. Made the show look like money.. and I got to meet up with him after the concert and he is truly a sweet dream. Now if I could have scored front row, it would have been on.