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Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Rave: Piperlime

More kudos for the folks at I ordered a pair of gorgeous Nine West shoes from Piperlime. It was the first time that I had purchased anything from their lovely shoe store but I had to have these shoes. Remember, I will stop on a dime for a pair of shoes. Well, what a great surprise I received when the shoes arrived. As if getting a deal on these gorgeous shoes weren't enough (shoes pictured above), let me tell about the packaging. The delivery box was white instead of kraft brown. That impressed me. Inside the box was the cutest green design with limes. Too cute. Wrapped around the box was green tissue paper with a cute Piperlime sticker securing it. To top it off, they send you the cutest card about how everyone will be envious of your new beautiful shoes and they were right. Keep up the good work Piperlime! We shoe addicts need a place that we can trust to bring us shoes.