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Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Rant: eDressMe

I have to say that my first shopping experience with was horrible. I found the cutest Tracy Reese dress on sale for a really great price on Shockingly it was in my size, too. So I purchased it with great anticipation. About a week later, I received a notice that the dress was on backorder. I said to myself, how could that be since the dress was on sale. So I let it go because the UPS guy and the FedEx guy had been plenty busy last month bringing me shoes. A few days later, I got a email that said that my order was canceled. Now I was not so happy to get that email. How could it have been on backorder one day and now canceled a few days later? What was the about? Not sure if anyone else has had a similar experience with them but I will be leary to order anything from them going forward. You either have it or your don't! Don't toy with me.