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Friday, February 25, 2011

STYLE SPOTLIGHT: Are the New $800 UGGS Worth It?

So once I heard about the new UGG boots, I had to trek up to UGGS Australia in Georgetown to take a closer look at the new $800 Swarovski/UGG collaboration. For years, I have had a no UGGS policy! But after they introduced what they called their "designer collection," they started to win my heart over a little. But could I be convinced that you should spend $800 on a pair of Swarvoski crystal-drenched UGG boots?

First of all, let me just say that the staff members at the Georgetown store were phenomenal!!! They made me feel so welcomed and took the time to show me everything. Fab customer service. So the moment came and the sales clerk removed the glass and voilà! I picked it up and took a closer look. Beautiful. I also love the fact that the pair in Georgetown were made specifically for the DC area. There are several iterations of this collaboration including the Gotham Boot for NYC, the Las Vegas boot, and the Miami boot. So adorable.

But would I pay $800 for a pair? Nope. But that doesn't mean that you can't. But I tell you that I will definitely be back to buy a few pairs of their fabulous sandals! Not only were the designs just my style, but the colors were so amazing! Bold colors are definitely in effect for spring and summer.

Head on up to UGG Australia in Georgetown to see the Swarovski/UGG collab yourself. I would love to hear what you think. So hit me up! Get to shopping.


Ujji said...

Def not. Ill leave those in the store for another buyer. I am accustomed to seeing Uggs everyday on my campus (UMD), and find them to be unattractive yet so tempting to slip my feet in because of comfortability. Nevertheless, these shoes serve one purpose which is that and not fashion forward. $800 rip off. I've seen many crystal embellished knock off Uggs already for me to think the affordability of these are absurd. :)