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Monday, August 16, 2010

DC FASHION EVENT: Recap - The Art of Dressing Well by Instructions Apparel

Models Will Wilder, Venroy July, Darryl Lockett and Christien Oliver

Last week, I ventured over to Ping Pong Dim Sum in the rain to check out the new guys on the fashion scene, Instructions Apparel for the "The Art of Dressing Well" cocktail hour to launch their Fall 2010 fashion line. The rain may have kept a few folks away, but not many. The party was all about the men who received complimentary shoe shining service from Union Station Shoe Shine, a tie-knotting demonstration and sipped Cognac & Ginger Ale cocktails from JC Cognac.

Founders of Instructions Apparel: Sheku Riddle, Duane Smith and Marcus Ware

Instructions Apparel was founded in 2008 by three young businessmen in the Washington, DC area who experienced challenges expressing their own personal styles in the workplace. I had a brief conversation with both Marcus and Sheku to congratulate these college buddies on their efforts as well as to stress the importance of having a growing menswear fashion presence in D.C. Especially one that is so focused on teaching men how to dress well based on the particular occasion. No knock on the fellas, but some of y'all need their help. I do have to admit that there were plenty of well-dressed men in attendance. So there is hope.

To my delight, the event was also a fundraiser for the Institute for Responsible Citizenship, a local non-profit organization which helps place high-achieving young African-American men in rewarding local internship programs in the District. The particularly dapper guests were encouraged to make a $10 door donations. I was also very happy to chat briefly with one of the members of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship. I truly feel that African-Americans are moving in the right direction as long as we have dedicated organizations like this one to keep the faith.

To get more information on Instructions Apparel, please visit The Art of Dressing Well