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Thursday, February 25, 2010

DC Fashion Week: The Menswear Collections

DC Fashion Week was in full swing last Saturday at the DoubleTree Hotel in Crystal City. But it was all about the men. Six menswear collections including Emore J Couture, Ray Vincente, Kustom Looks Clothier, Durkl, Stella Bonds and my personal fav, Andrew Nowell, hit the runway. Each collection told a different story. With the very vibrant colors of Stella Bonds' swimwear, to the urban look of Durkl to the everyday man look of Ray Vincente. My only wish would have been that the Menswear Collection would have been a part of the Sunday show. Maybe it could have been earlier in the day. There is something special about the French Embassy, especially since France it the home of haute couture.

At first I decided that I would just sit back and enjoy the show. I thought that I could get photos from their official photographer, Damion Miller. But when Emore'J Couture hit the runway, I had to take pictures. Emore'J considers his work "wearable art." That perfectly describes his collection. There was an array of fabrics and textures that would not normally be used for the runway. He definitely pushed the envelope with his designs.

Emore'J Couture

So I decided to continue taking photos and next up was Kustom Looks Clothier. Kustom Looks Clothier is the heart and soul of Kwab Asamoah. He is dedicated to making the men of the DMV hit the streets in high style.

Kustom Looks Clothier

But I have a big crush on Andrew Nowell because he pulled together sex appeal, ruggedness, impeccable tailoring together with fashion forward looks. I first saw his work during the Walish Gooshe show last year. I almost fell on the floor. He makes clothes for the kind of man that I am attracted to. The guy who insists on being stylish but dances to the beat of a different drummer. Can I just say that the fur jacket was hot to death!

Andrew Nowell