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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Revolution Has Been Televised: For the Love of Kelly Cutrone

While trying to catch up on my fashion blogs, I came across this video by Kelly Cutrone, the brainchild behind the PR/Marketing firm, People's Revolution on the 39th and Broadway blog. When I saw the mention of Disney, I had to check it out. While there was a moment about an astrologer that threw me for a loop, for the most part, I agreed with her every word.

She talked about beautiful, confident, smart women who make $100,000+ a year but cower to their parents incessant harassment about finding the perfect man and having 2.5 babies. She talked about "the order" and how Disney has given most women a false sense of reality. Disney is so guilty of selling little girls that fake reality and how true that mothers have put us on that warped path. Disney sold us happy endings and knights in shining armor sweeping in to rescue us. Rescue us from what? Who said that we have to follow that Disney script? My sons never watched any Disney movies except for the Pixar movies (Toy Story, A Bug's Life, etc.). That was it. No Snow White. No Cinderella. No Disney. Period.

I also think that Sex in the City movie (not the series, i loved those independent creatures figuring themselves out) inadvertently put those images in our heads. Now, don't get me wrong. I am a hopeless, ridiculous romantic. But didn't it make you wonder if Carrie would have still been happy even if she didn't reconcile with Mr. Big? Wasn't the ending just a little too neat and perfect? You know, like Disney's Snow White? Unlike most SITC fans, I did not want her to go back to him. Why would she? He never treated her well. What was so great about him? Had the man that stood her up at the alter really changed? Now Harry, that's a man I could love forever.

What I know now, I wish that I knew in my twenties. I have learned that what you really want is what really matters. It really IS about your happiness, your peace, your truth. Many young women have fallen victim to adhering to "the order" even though it is in conflict with what they really, truly want for themselves. Instead of us working to re-write the scripts to fall in line with the way our society has changed with women obtaining higher levels of education, high post careers and the high post salaries that go with it, VP titles, and Louboutin shoes with Chanel suits. We allow the traditions of the past to hold us back - literally. How do we really expect to be equal if we don't raise the bar up to that level? Hence, Kelly's "no crying in the office" rule. Doesn't that just make sense?

We need to be free in our minds to write our own rules for our individual lives. What I think works for me, would surely not work for you because I am basing my rules only on what I want. You need to base yours on what you want. Not what your girlfriends want, not what your parents think that you need or even the man or woman in your life. It has to be about you and only you. When you come to that truth, then and only then, will you be free to live, love, and pursue happiness. In whatever order things make sense to you. End of story.

Kelly Cutrone, I salute you for telling it like it is and shining the light. I will be first in line to buy your book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside ... And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. You are right, there is absolutely no crying in business.


Kelli said...

fabulous post!