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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Defense of Uggs: Turning A New Page

I am officially turning a new page and beginning a quiet love affair with Uggs. I have despised this brand for quite a few years. Far too many women decided that instead of wearing the boots for their intended purpose, as cold weather boots, Uggs were worn as a fashion statement. That was the beginning of the end for Uggs in my fashion book. There was nothing fashionable about those horrid boots at all.

But I now have seen the light. I saw a pair of Uggs in a fashion magazine and thought to myself, "Those are Uggs?" So I had to further investigate the matter. What I found in their Designer section were fabulous! I could not believe that these glorious boots belonged to the Ugg brand. Oh so stylish and sleek - I am now a believer in Uggs. As long as you choose one of the styles below, you too can wear Uggs and not look ridiculous. Here's to you Uggs! You now have a new fan.


Deka said...

that 1st pair is cute!

r4i kaart said...

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