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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding Little Gems Challenge: Huntington Surf and Sport

This was one of the toughest challenges to date. I have never shopped at Huntington Surf and Sport. But I saw a few cutesy dresses in one of the fashion magazines. But nothing that enticed me to make a purchase. So I decided to check back to see what little gems I could find at the surfing giant. It was not easy. I am not a fan of plaid and plaid was EVERYWHERE. So once I was able to get passed my plaid overload, I was able to discover a few great finds.

Tigerlily Volmer Tank, $36.99

I love this tank. It is so cute and would look great with a pair of jeans and a black blazer.

Von Zipper Tastemaker GBG Sunglasses

I love the look of these sunglasses. Even though I much prefer the oversized Anna Wintour glasses. I can see my self sporting these sunglasses on a lazy, hazy day chilling at "lil' ronaldinho's" soccer match.

Volcom Photobooth Handbag, $37.99

I love the green color of this handbag. It is perfect for a quick run out to the grocery store or your local Starbucks.

Roxy Freestyle Jeans, $58.99

I have not been able to get into the distressed look until this very moment. I would totally buy these jeans and wear them to death.

Billabong Canyon Tote, $49.99

This bag is more my style because I have to carry a huge bag. I have so much crap. So this one fits perfectly.

O'Neill Mt. Zion Sweater, $69.50

This sweater is adorable. It is so versatile. You can wear it closed or open. Who doesn't need an ivory sweater. Total staple.

Volcom Ganum Drumm Skinny Pants, $49.50

These pants are so funky. Adore the refined sweat pants look of these skinny pants. I would totally dress these up with open toe boots or bootie sandals. I would also throw these on with a pair of chucks.