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Thursday, September 24, 2009

PROMO: What's The Deal

DMV, don't you just love when you get a deal on something going on in the city? I know I do. It makes me beyond giddy. So you need to sign up for What's The Deal. They have some awesome things for you and your friends to do in Washington DC to help you get out of the house to explore the city.

How does WTD work?

  1. We find fun things to do in the DC area and negotiate great discounts

  2. Each day a brand new deal is sent to our listserv and posted on our website

  3. Users who want to buy the deal click the "Deal Me In" button and enter their billing info

  4. As long as we line up the minimum number of purchasers, everyone gets the discount and credit cards are charged

  5. WTD sends your coupon via e-mail and you hit the town

You can check back every day for a new deal! Sign up and get your deals here.