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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Men's Fashion Week Guest Post by District Cut: What's In A Suit

As if the global economic crisis has not affected us all, it has now spread to the fashion industry in a way that was ever-present during the recent New York Fashion Week for Spring 2010, whether this is a bad thing is still to be debated. Gaining inspiration from a world that is spending less and living in simple means, designer after designer shied away from eccentric fashion-forward pieces that would limit their customer base and went towards a minimalistic aesthetic that gave way to a different audience - one who values quality and conservativeness. Sounds like DC men if you ask me.

Suiting took the forefront in every way during fashion week, and though they gave way to innovative suiting options such as shorts, interesting colors, and fun patterns, the pieces remained conservative in shape, form, and design. From Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren to Band of Outsiders and Robert Geller, collections seemed to cater to a certain type of man who is more career-minded than fashion conscious and is interested in longevity and quality rather than trends. It could just be me, but it seems as though they were also inspired by our fair city. Tommy Hilfiger did, after all, dedicate his Fall 2009 collection to DC - here. Either way you spend it, less is the new black, so give your basics more lead way because they are the new "it" thing. From classic white tees, simple gray suits, a black blazer or a pair of flat-front trousers, these simple pieces will take you far this season while easing off your wallet. So stock up because I see no sign of a turn-around. More reviews from New York Fashion Week here.

-District Cut

Thom Browne

Patrik Ervell

Robert Geller

Michael Kors

Band of Outsiders

Rag & Bone


DC Style said...

love District Cut.

CapStyle said...

Im glad men are coming back to their senses. Great post. Great job District Cut.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Lauren is always a classic

Jemes from Dupont said... has an amazing handle of style in general; always putting it in terms that make it appropriate for DC standards.