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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Intersection of Fashion and Design: The Top 17 Most Beautiful Fragrance Bottles

I am such a design nut and a sucker for beautiful packaging. Package design is an essential part of branding and graphic design. The right packaging can get you noticed which in turn can boost sales. But the wrong packaging will get your product quickly placed on the bottom shelf (product graveyard) or worse - off the shelf altogether. No one aspect of fashion relies as heavily on product design more than fragrances. Yes, it has to smell good but a pretty bottle is what gets our attention. We women, we love pretty things.

So I searched around for the most amazingly beautiful perfume bottles from then and now (debut year information via The Fragrance Directory). Here are my favorites:

Pivoine (Debut: unknown), Yves Rocher {image via}

Angel (Debut: 1992), Thierry Mugler {image via}

El Lattarine (Debut: 2008), Serge Lutens {image via}

Betsey Johnson (Debut: 2008), Betsey Johnson {image via}

Tropiques (Debut: 2008), Lancôme {image via}

Perles de Lalique (Debut: 2009), Lalique {image via}

Paloma Picasso (Debut: 1984), Paloma Picasso {image via}

Omnia (Debut: 2005), Bulgari {image via}

Nacre (Debut: 2001), Jean Patou {image via}

L'Eau d'Issey (Debut: 1992), Issey Miyake {image via}

Le Jade (Debut: 1923), Roger et Gallet {image via}

Eau de Cologne Imperial (Debut: 1853), Guerlain {image via}

Daisy Blooms (Debut: 2009), Marc Jacobs {image via}

Columbia Poppy (Debut: 1920s), Girard & Cie {image via}

Bijan (Debut: 1987), Bijan {image via}

Be Delicious Night (Debut: 2007), DKNY {image via}

La Heuer Bleue (Debut: 1950), Guerlain {image via}


Helen T said...

Great post, and some lovely fragrances. The house of Girard was relaunched in the UK last year, with two of the original fragrances revived from the archives, although sadly not Columbia Poppy. The bottles weren't quite as ornate for the two vintage revivals, but still very beautiful. You can see them on along with the three new fragrances they launched at the same time.

Kind regards