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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Stepping Outside of Shadows of Duran Duran, Yasmin Le Bon

I can only imagine what it must be like to be married to a rock star. Even when you have had your own brilliant career in modeling, you are still known as Mrs. Simon Le Bon. But Yasmin Le Bon is stepping outside of the shadow of her Duran Duran hubby to design her first clothing and jewelry line specifically for Wallis.

The pieces are really simple and elegant. In a world full of metallic and heavy embellishment, women really need some simple pieces that can be easily accessorized and don't cost a fortune. Le Bon's line is very moderately priced. The look of this gray batwing dress is so modern and stylish. All you would need is an amazing pair of earrings and a statement bracelet to give this dress a very polished look. Oh and a fab pair of black ankle booties to add a little sex appeal.

There are some other great pieces in her line including this trendy embroidered military coat. The military look is all the rage at the moment. So she is very tapped into what is current without delivering a piece that looks just like every other military coat available on the market at the moment. There is intricate metallic gold embroidering on the cuff and back neck of the coat which dresses up the coat making it perfectly appropriate for evening.

In addition to a fab fur capelet, there are several lovely evening dresses, a gorgeous blue velvet jacket, as well as, beautiful pieces of jewelry to add a little something special to any outfit. Here are a few more of my favorite pieces. You can see the entire line at Wallis.