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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I Want Now: The Best of William Rast

I guess singing and dancing was getting a little boring for Justin Timberlake. So he has now added a womenswear line to his William Rast Autumn/Winter '09-10 wares. Timberlake told UK Vogue that he was inspired by American Classics like "Rumblefish" and "Thelma and Louise." I must say that his inspiration definitely translated well into his clothes. The line is primarily jeans which really doesn't impress me but there were some fab items at really good prices. See the entire line here. Here are my picks. The trench coat is my favorite:


Deka said...

i like that first sweater and the last black jacket.
i've tried on multiple william rast jeans and they dont work for my big-ish legs

MizzJ said...

JT can seem to do no wrong! Unlike a lot of celeb lines, his seems to actually have credibility, good on him.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)