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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Modern Fashionista Travel with Vintage Luggage

Your fashionista travel plans land you in Miami. It's the hot spot in the states that has just about everything: fashion, the arts, food, nightlife and of course, the beach. So you need fabulous luggage to pack your fab wardrobe and your amazing shoes. Why not go vintage? What better way to add a little touch of class than packing it all up in vintage luggage. So I scoured the vintage spots for the best pieces.

Here are my favorites:

Train Cases

Jewel Box Treasures

Glamour Surf


Round Suitcases

Simply Pear

Lisa's Retro Style

7 Fenton Street

Shoulder Bags

Lea's Vintage

Dewberry Vintage



Hat Boxes

Good Eye

Stiletto Girl

The Vintage Vendor

Standard Suitcases

Simply Maggie May

Aimee Armoire

Dovely Sells

Swanky Satchels

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Najeema said...

The round luggage is incredible!

Golden Girl Olive said...

My sister recently scored an entire mint condition 5-piece luggage set from the 1950's (train case, round, hatbox and 2 suitcases) for five dollars at an estate sale! I can't tell you how jealous I am! Great post...