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Monday, June 8, 2009

Capitol Fashionista Outing: The Roots Picnic

The Black Keys

I had a fantastic weekend. My brother and I drove up to Philly for The Roots Picnic. It was off the chain. We had a ball. We left pretty early so that we could get a good parking spot and scope out the perfect chill spot. That all went according to plans. But a few things pressed my last nerve. First of all, my brother notices as we are just pulling into Philly that my jean capris have a split in the seam on the side. Of course, I am annoyed. So luckily, I found a Staples. Ran in there and bought a mini stapler and fixed that problem right quick. In the process of doing that, I somehow lost one of my favorite earrings. That almost made me cry. LOL! I love those earrings.

We parked and the Festival Pier was a few steps away. We get inside the gates and Wow! What a cool place. I would definitely take that drive any day, anytime. There was an outside stage and an air-conditioned stage inside a tent. We grabbed something to eat and scoped out the perfect spot. At the top of one of the bleachers. We could see everything. Trust me, there was plenty to see.

The CF

My Brother, Jason

The Roots put together an amazing line up including Santigold, Public Enemy, Gnarls Barkley, as well as my favorites, The Black Keys and of course, The Roots. On the fashion tip, the majority of the folks were dressed for a picnic. But there were a few folks that didn't get the memo. Who wears 4" heels to an outdoor event like this? We saw quite a bit of that. Quite a bit of folks that didn't make any effort. But I was really impressed by the men of Philly. These men have such a great sense of style.

The Black Keys did not disappoint. I love them! Public Enemy brought the house down, though. Even though Flavor Flav can't stand the fact that it was not his show. He has issues. He wouldn't leave the stage. He was just talking to hear himself talk. He got annoying at the end. He is definitely someone who needs constant attention. Poor thing.

The big annoyance of my day was all of the underage drinkers. Why the hell did they make me show my I.D. so that I could get a wristband if it was going to be so easy to get a beer? There was a group of kids who somehow were able to get folks to buy them beer. So you can imagine how wasted some of them were as the day passed. I was praying that none of them were driving. There was also the entertainment of the day - two "wanna-be-grown-ups" locked lips for more than two hours straight. I am so not making this up. They kissed and kissed and kissed for two hours straight. WTF! It got so bad that people started taking their picture. Now I may have locked lips a time or two in public when I was younger, but not out like that in such a public forum like that. No home training!

All in all, it was a fantastic event. No trouble. No drama. Just peace and love. That was what the day was all about. We didn't get to see The Roots in full effect (even though they gave a little preview when the show started) because they were running late and we needed to get back on the road. But The Roots Picnic will be an annual event for me (and whoever is trying to roll out) for as long as they have one.