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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finding Statement Jewelry in Places You Least Expect

With the recession in full swing, fashionistas have to guard their pennies. But I understand the need to step out in that amazing piece of jewelry that stops everyone in their tracks. That perfect statement piece that will say it all without breaking your piggy bank. So here are 20 statement pieces hiding in places that you may not have thought to look. All pieces are under $50.00.

Earrings, Vera Wang @ Kohl's (, $18.00

Ring, Forever 21 (, $4.80

Peacock Bangle, Lulu's (, $12.00

Chandelier Earrings, Forever 21 (, $7.80

Necklace, Newport News (, $25.00

Tory Necklace, Alloy (, $19.50

Chandelier Earrings, Target (, $21.24

Smokey Quartz Ring, Chadwick's (, $23.99

Necklace, New York & Co (, $24.95

Necklace, Spiegel (, $39.00

Pearl Ring, Forever 21 (, $4.80

Bracelet, New York & Co (, $19.95

Chandelier Earrings, Forever 21 (, $6.80

Urchin Ring, Banana Republic (, $39.00

Erickson Beamon Cuff, Target (, $29.99

Livia Necklace, Anthropologie (, $48.00

Bangle, Dana Buchman @ Kohl's (, $21.00

Chandelier Earrings, Banana Republic (, $39.00

Ring, Arden B (, $18.00

Necklace, Ruche (, $19.99


Dream Sequins said...

I like those Forever 21 pieces! I always get drawn into their stuff online, order it and inevitably become disappointed in real life. Best to buy their jewelry in the stores if you can!

the capitol fashionista said...

really? i haven't had a problem at all ordering online. i have gotten some great pieces from them. folks never have a clue that i got it from forever 21

Deka said...

wow, great pieces!!
love the vera wang earrings
and thanks for reminding my about alloy. havent shopped there in too long

the capitol fashionista said...

thanks, girl. i was surprised about alloy. i love that necklace.

ko0ty said...

Thanks for this great post.. I'm always on the look out for affordable statement jewelry!!