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Monday, May 18, 2009

Fashion Recap: The Fashion Show

Well, The Fashion Show is certainly filling my fashion jones until Project Runway returns. I think it is because of my love for Isaac Mizrahi. Here's my recap from last Thursday's show:

Winning Design by Daniella

Runner-up Design, by Anna

EPISODE 2 - Half Priced Designs
This week the teams had to design an outfit for socialite Tinsley Mortimer on a budget of $40. The team that won the quick challenge got an extra $10. I loved the quick challenge. They had to dress two manequins: one was the expensive look and the other was the budget look. The teams remained the same from last week and team bolero jacket, Merlin's team, won the challenge.

The funny thing was that the brat, Kristin, went home. She was too immature for this competition. So Merlin was asked to move someone from his team to the team tube skirt since they were short one team member. Of course, he moved crybaby Daniella.

I have to say that for $40-$50, the majority of the outfits looked way more expensive. I would have worn just about all of the looks. The winner was Daniella and you know that I didn't think that she should have won. I really thought that Anna's look was better than hers. But I could live with it. As you know, the winning design is available for purchase on Also, I may have been wrong about the sizes in last week's post. The sizes for this week's winning design go up to size 18. So I am not sure if it changes week by week. Will keep you posted on that one but I am so glad to see the diversity in size availability.

Here are the losers:
Laura was sent home for this design

Johnny was in the bottom but was not sent home for this design

Markus was also in the bottom but was not sent home for this design

There was something not quite there in Laura's head. I can't wait for her to watch this episode. She was acting like a lunatic. The entire team told her NOT to buy the red tulle. Then after she bought the ugly red tulle, they told her NOT to use the red tulle on her design. So why did she insist on using that ugly red tulle? Your guess is as good as mine. She had the NERVE in her exit interview to say that no one told her not to use the red tulle. HELLO!!!!!!!! Everyone told you more than once. She was definitely the person who should have gone home.

Markus and Johnny almost went home for different reasons. I know from the front, Markus' dress looks beautiful but the silhouette of that dress was horrible! He just went overboard. He needed to pull way back. It started out as such a beautiful dress and then he just lost it. Johnny on the other hand was almost sent home for his jacked up attitude. He actually said the Isaac, "then send me home." If Laura's red tulle mess wouldn't have been there, he would have surely been sent home. Get it together, Johnny!

As usual Kelly R. got on my nerves. But Tinsley Mortimer was amazing. She was so gracious in her comments when she did not have to be since she was going to be wearing the winning design. Kudos to her for being such a class act.

On to next week. Maybe Daniella will grow up. Let's hope for the best.

You can catch full episodes over at Bravo TV.