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Friday, May 8, 2009

Capitol Fashionista Outing: Mie N Yu

From left to right: Terri, Me, V, Michelle

Okay. You know that I raved about the Krake martini from the Corcoran's Artini event earlier this year. So it was time to enjoy a Krake at the home of its rightful owner, Mie N Yu Restaurant in Georgetown. First of all, the decor was amazing. The middle eastern decor was too fabulous. We sat in the coziest room ever. I was so relaxed and thirsty. We looked on the drink menu but didn't see the Krake. So V asked our server if they could make some. The answer was yes. I could not have been more happy. Boy, it was worth the wait. Our martinis didn't have the crushed candy confetti on the rim but that glass of blue goodness was still delish. Had to have two!

Dinner was scrumptious. I had the most tender piece of beef. I tried to cut it with a steak knife and it just surrendered and fell over. It melted in my mouth. Mmmmm. Too yummy. It was out of this world. Not to mention that it was enough food for two people. We all had amazing meals. The atmosphere was also perfect. Initially, they were playing middle eastern music but after awhile they went old school! I heard songs that I hadn't heard in a long time, like "West End Girls." Total blast from the past. I am adding Mie N Yu to my list of regular dinner spots. I was very impressed. If you go, ask for the Krake. Also try the lettuce wraps (V, Michelle and Terri loved 'em) and the lamb kabobs as appetizers.