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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where to Go On Vacation: Washington, DC

Or, I could stay right here and pretend to be a rich heiress and stay at the way fab, five star Mandarin Oriental Hotel and let them spoil me rotten.

{image via Concierge.com}


Dream Sequins said...

Sometimes a "staycation" is what you need! I often fantasize about staying at hotels in NY, just for a night... The Mister thinks I'm crazy for it. But how romantic is it, and how simple?

the capitol fashionista said...

Exactly. I have stayed at the Mandarin. It is awesome!!! Worked out better to stay in town.

Deka said...

if you can manage it, go somewhere else!
if not, vacationing in your own city can be surprisingly fun. my broke-behind has done it more than once :)