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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion Rant: Luxury and Eco-Fashion in the Same Sentence

I was sitting in my favorite local restaurant going through my monthly pile of fashion magazines when I started reading an article about a designer that left her very lovely job with a well-known designer to start a line of eco-fashionable "luxury" scarves. I could not get passed the word "luxury." What does that mean? How can it be both? I had a problem with creating eco-fashion that is responsible and environmentally conscious but having the nerve to make it exclusive by labelling it "luxury." How absurb. Does that mean that eco-fashion is only available to a certain sector of our population where money is no object? Wouldn't the average working woman want to be wear eco-friendly fashions without breaking the bank? I was so riled up that I had to skip to the next page. This idea of exclusivity annoys me so much. I am determined to teach women that you can be fashionable at any price point. You don't believe me, then check out the blog, Fashion Under $100. Each day, she chooses a celebrity look and then replicates that look for under $100. EVERY DAY she does this. It is so amazing to me. It is one of my favorite blogs. So the next time you read something that refers to eco-friendly clothing as luxury. Write the editor and tell her (or him) to get a life!


Anonymous said...

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