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Monday, March 16, 2009

What I Bought Recently: Of course, shoes...

I know that I am predictable. You know that there will be mention of shoes. But these are beautiful shoes. Doesn't that count for something? My friend said that he knew if I won a million dollars that I would spend half of it on shoes. LOL! He thinks that he knows me. So here are the latest additions to the shoe closet.

Graphica by Guess
I bought these because I have been keeping track of the price of this pair for quite awhile now. Finally, this pair went on sale and in my size. So I jumped on the chance. Also, I have a fab vintage dress that will go perfectly.

Black satin shoes by Charles David
I bought these to have one additional pair of black satin shoes since I am filling up my social calendar with black tie/cocktail dress events.

Chandra by Guess
These I bought for no apparent reason other than I thought that they looked amazing and how fantastic these would look on my feet.

Anita by Charles David
I bought these because believe it or not, I really do not have a decent pair of black pumps. I'm so serious about that. I was taking stock of my shoes last weekend, and the only pair that I have have been worn out. So these are its replacement. My only concern is the stitching on both sides of the top of the shoe. I have steered clear of shoes with this stitching because it usually will bother me after a few wears. We will see what happens.