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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Week Launch: Zulema Fall '09

Fashionistas, womenswear label ZULEMA, designed by Zulema Griffin, will launch a digital fashion film showcasing Fall '09 on Thursday, Feb 18th at 9am on Fashion Indie and Zulema Online. The film will be archived on the latter for viewing throughout the year.

The film, titled Photoplays 2: Cyclical Mode, explores the visual identity of Black women throughout history of the world, highlighting important figures such as Michelle Obama. Stereotypes that dominate Western culture echo throughout, as designer Zulema Griffin cathartically expends inner thoughts to make sense of the jumbled concepts consuming the mind. Achieved by presenting the piece as a mash-up, or multimedia, video project, the ultimate goal is to reconfigure ideals of Black feminine beauty in a changing political and technological world.

Griffin presents her concept films under the art collective Deux Conceptualiste Noir, consisting of Zulema Griffin (Designer, Director, Internet artist) and Sherie Weldon (Director of Photography, Director, Digital artist). Photoplays 2: Cyclical Mode is the sixth concept film in a series exploring and giving voice to the female African Diaspora and its aesthetic principles.


Anonymous said...

I went to the site, and I was blown away. Zulema has talent!